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Landlord Insurance for Short-Term Rentals

The Need for Landlord Insurance for Short-term Rentals

If you’re renting on platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway, or others, it’s highly probable that you need some form of landlord insurance in addition to your homeowners’ coverage. Here’s how we at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc., catering to Tulsa, OK, and neighboring communities, break down the reasons why.

Landlord Insurance vs Homeowner’s Policy

The key distinction between these two is that landlord insurance covers your property against damages when occupied by a renter, while your homeowner’s policy only covers damages when you, the homeowner, are residing there.

When you lend your home, even for just a night or two, it is classified as a commercial property. Without landlord insurance or an additional rider on your homeowner’s policy for an extra premium, you stand unprotected against damages to your home during the rental period.

If your guest wreaks destruction in your home, only landlord insurance will bail you out.

Simplifying Property Protection for Short-Term Rentals

We at Greater Tulsa Insurance would like to remind our clients that while insurance is crucial if you’re running a short-term rental, you need not jump a lot of hoops to get it. We can simplify the process to get you the coverage you need.

Depending on the situation, Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. can often consolidate an "Airbnb rider" or similar coverage update with existing homeowner policies for customers in the wider Tulsa, OK, area. Following any casualty caused by your guests, you can file claims the same way you’d report any other casualty to your home.

A separate landlord insurance policy might better serve your needs in other scenarios. Schedule time to speak with a Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. agent to find the right insurance for all your home

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