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Upgrading Your RV: How Changes Impact Your Insurance

For RV enthusiasts in Tulsa, OK, upgrading or modifying your recreational vehicle can enhance your travel experience and make your journeys even more enjoyable. However, it’s essential to understand how these changes can impact your insurance coverage.

The importance of updating your policies to ensure continuous protection for your RV:

Adding new features or equipment:

Upgrading your RV with new amenities, such as a satellite system, solar panels, or additional electronics, increases its value. As a result, you may need to adjust your insurance policy to cover the increased value and ensure you’re adequately protected.

Altering the RV’s structure:

Structural modifications, such as adding slide-outs, extending the length, or altering the interior layout, can also affect insurance coverage. These changes may require a policy update to reflect the updated value and potential risk factors.

Performance upgrades:

Enhancements that improve your RV’s performance, such as engine upgrades or suspension modifications, can impact your insurance rates. In some cases, these changes may result in higher premiums due to increased risk, while in others, they could lead to potential discounts if they improve safety.

Custom paint or graphics:

If you decide to invest in a custom paint job or add unique graphics to your RV, it’s essential to update your policy to cover the increased value of your vehicle.

Looking for RV Insurance in Tulsa, OK?

To ensure that your RV remains protected after upgrades or modifications, it’s crucial to work with an experienced insurance agency like Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. Our knowledgeable team can help you review your existing policy and make any necessary adjustments to accommodate the changes to your RV. Contact Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. today to talk about your insurance options and make sure your RV remains protected, no matter where your travels take you.

Do I need RV insurance for a 5th Wheel?

Many people use the term RV as a catchall for any kind of home on wheels. However, there are differences. There are many homes on wheels that aren’t motorized. Typically, RVs are motorized, which qualifies them as a vehicle of some kind, requiring insurance similar to car insurance. However, a 5th wheel isn’t motorized and isn’t classified as an RV.

Our Tulsa, OK team at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. understands that insurance requirements and differences between various travel trailers can be confusing. We’re here to take the guesswork out of insurance requirements. 

Do I need RV insurance for a 5th Wheel?

A 5th wheel isn’t motorized and isn’t considered an RV. As a result, RV insurance isn’t a requirement if you own a 5th wheel. A 5th wheel is considered a travel trailer because it must be towed and you aren’t required by law to carry insurance on the 5th wheel. However, you may want to anyway. You will need to invest in travel trailer insurance to cover any physical damage. However, keep in mind that travel trailer insurance may not be optional if you’re financing your 5th wheel. Often, a lender will require you to carry insurance for physical damage until your 5th wheel is paid off. 

Get RV Insurance Today

Travel trailers are non-motorized homes on wheels. Only owners of motorized RVs are required to carry liability insurance similar to auto insurance. Technically, an RV is still a vehicle, even though it’s a home on wheels. If you have questions about what kind of insurance would be best for your 5th wheel, call us at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. in Tulsa, OK. We can help you explore your options and find the coverage that is best for you.

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