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Why should I invest in a full boat/watercraft insurance plan in Oklahoma?

If you are in the Tulsa, OK area, you will likely want to find ways to beat the heat and enjoy the warm summer months. Investing in and owning a boat is a great way to have fun here. For those living in this part of Oklahoma, there are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a boat. One part of this is ensuring you have proper insurance. You will need to have a boat/watercraft insurance plan in this region for various reasons. 

Insurance Covers Watercraft

A great reason to ensure you have boat or watercraft insurance is that it will help to cover the asset. When you invest in a significant asset, you need to know that you have support to replace or repair it in some situations. With the right insurance, you will have this support if the boat is stolen or damaged in any accident. 

Liability Insurance Coverage

Possibly, even more importantly, you will get liability coverage when operating the boat. There is always a chance an accident could occur when you are using a boat. When you have the right insurance, you can get the support you need if you are found liable for an accident when using the boat and need to cover any damages. 

You should always have insurance for your most valuable assets in the Tulsa, OK, area. This includes getting insurance for your boat or other watercraft. When you want this type of insurance here, you can help yourself by calling our team at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. Our team at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. knows the value of this coverage and can offer the guidance necessary to build a new plan. 

Do You Need Boat Insurance In the Winter Months?

Taking your boat out on the waterways can be one of the most enjoyable things you’ll do in the summer. But what about in the winter months? That’s the time when you store your boat, and you want to make sure it’s still protected. If you’re in the Tulsa, OK area, reaching out to Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. can help you decide whether to change, cancel, or adjust your current boat insurance policy while your boat isn’t in the water.

Boat Insurance In Winter 

Keep in mind, if you’re thinking about canceling your coverage during the winter months, that your insurance policy isn’t just to protect your vessel and its passengers out on the water. You may also have coverage that protects you from loss due to theft or other types of damage. You don’t want to lose that protection during the wintertime, especially if you store your boat out in the open or in a storage facility instead of at your home.

Rather than assume coverage isn’t needed when you’re not actively using your boat, talk with an agent about the insurance options you have. It may be possible to adjust your coverage during winter, or it might be easier and safer to simply keep the policy you currently have. Either way, though, you want to make sure you know the details. The best way to do that is through working with a trusted professional to get all the information you need.

We Are Here To Help

If you’re in the Tulsa, OK area, get in touch with us at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. and let us help you find the right boat insurance for your needs. Whether you just got a boat and are looking for the right way to protect it, or you’re thinking about adjusting coverage for winter, we can help you make the right choice for your situation and goals.

Why You Should Have Boat Insurance

Every boater should have boat insurance, even when it isn’t required of them. In Oklahoma, boat insurance isn’t required by law, but it’s important to have it to protect you financially. Boat insurance can help you in the event of an accident or other incident that causes damages that you have to pay for. When you own a boat, call us at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. in Tulsa, OK to get your boat insured with a boat policy.

Why Boat Insurance

Accidents and Other Incidents

Like vehicles on land, vehicles in the water can have accidents. They can collide with each other or into property like docks. These accidents can mean that you are liable for the cost of the damages done to other property or to people who need medical attention as a result of the accident. If this happens to you and your boat, it could mean owing thousands for damages. If the accident is judged to be your fault, you would have to come up with all of the money yourself if you aren’t insured. It’s always best to be insured just in case. 

Types of Coverage

Boat insurance coverage types are much like auto insurance coverage. There are a number of different types, and you can choose the types that you want on your policy. It’s important to at least have liability coverage that pays for someone else’s damages when you are at fault. This can save you an enormous amount of money. You might also want to get comprehensive coverage. This is a type that pays for a number of different risks that can happen to your boat when it isn’t out on the water. 

Get Boat Insurance Today

Don’t go on the water without boat insurance. To get started, call us at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. serving the greater Tulsa, OK region.

Do I Need Year-Round Boat Insurance?

If you’re a boat owner in Tulsa, OK, you may wonder if you need to ensure your vessel year-round. The answer depends on a few factors, such as your boat type and how often you use it.

Let’s dive deeper into the subject to help you decide whether to insure your boat year-round.

Is Boat Insurance Required in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma does not require boat owners to have insurance, but if you finance your vessel, your lender will probably require you to have a policy. Even if insurance isn’t needed, it’s still a good idea to have coverage.

If your boat is damaged or stolen, it can help you avoid financial ruin by providing liability and property damage coverage. It can also provide liability coverage if an injury occurs on your boat.

Contact Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. to speak with a boat insurance agent.

What Kinds of Boat Insurance Coverage are Available?

There are two main types of boat insurance coverage: property damage and liability.

Property damage:

This coverage protects your boat if it’s damaged or stolen, and it can also help pay for repairs if your boat is involved in an accident.


This coverage protects you financially if you’re sued for accidentally injuring someone with your boat or if it damages someone else’s property.

Also, remember that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs. For example, you can add extra coverage for certain types of damage or purchase a policy offering higher liability limits.

What Affects the Cost of Boat Insurance?

A few factors can affect the cost of your boat insurance, such as your boat type, the size of your vessel, and where you keep it docked. Other factors impacting your rates include your age, driving record, and boating experience.

Give Us A Call

The best way to get an accurate estimate of your boat insurance costs is to contact Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. and speak with a boat insurance agent. We can help you find the right policy in Tulsa, OK for your needs and budget.

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