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What Is the Difference Between Liability and Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance?

Tulsa, OK has a thriving motorcycling community thanks to the easy access it offers to numerous outstanding riding routes. If you enjoy want to keep enjoying your motorcycle and protect your investment in it, it’s critical that you insure it sufficiently. As you have been shopping for the right insurance for your motorbike, you have likely come across suggestions that you should get either liability or comprehensive insurance. Some “self-appointed” gurus might have even suggested that they are similar. 

Well, we at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. are insurance pundits with years of experience in the field. We can tell you that liability and comprehensive motorcycle insurance are very different.

Let’s explore their differences: 

Firstly, the liability motorcycle policy covers damage your bike can do to other vehicles in case of a crash. It doesn’t cover any damage to your motorbike during the accident. 

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance offers greater coverage than liability insurance. It covers damage to your motorbike and other vehicles during an accident. It also protects your bike from damage by natural elements such as storms and wildfires. Keep in mind that liability insurance offers no coverage for natural elements. 

You should know that most comprehensive motorcycle coverages have a deductible. Therefore, you must cater for a designated amount of damage out of pocket. The amount of deductible you opt to pay will impact your comprehensive policy premiums. If you have higher insurance deductibles, you will have lower premiums and vice visa. In contrast, most motorcycle liability insurance policies don’t feature deductibles. 

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