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Oklahoma Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Oklahoma

Your family and the assets you’ve worked for are important. Insurance protects them, but sometimes coverage is lacking. Therefore, it’s vital to consider umbrella insurance from Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc.

What is it?

Umbrella insurance fills in the coverage gaps from other insurance policies. It adds additional liability coverage over and above standard insurance policies. This includes homeowner or auto insurance.

Let’s say you’re in a big car accident and must cover medical and car replacement costs. Umbrella insurance will help cover these fees. It gives you the extra coverage you need.

Who Needs It?

At-fault accidents can happen to anybody. When it’s time to pay the exorbitant amounts, an umbrella insurance policy will help. It saves you from paying out of pocket for legal or medical bills if you’re found responsible.

For example, let’s say the judge rules you’re at fault when your friend gets hurt swimming in the pool. An umbrella insurance policy will cover your expenses - up to the limit of your policy.

Is it the Same as Excess Liability Coverage?

Some people refer to umbrella insurance as excess liability protection. They are different.

Excess liability insurance provides coverage for the same risks as your general policy. They also have the same exclusions.

Let’s say you have excess liability coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. This likely protects you in the event someone gets injured at your home. But it won’t cover a slander or libel settlement. Regular homeowner liability insurance doesn’t cover defamation. An umbrella policy provides excellent coverage for your original insurance plan. It also adds protection for other risks.

The most significant benefit of an umbrella policy is the extra coverage. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us about umbrella insurance in the Broken Arrow, OK area.

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