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I Rent a Condo: What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

You’re about to move into a condo building in Tulsa, OK, and the building management has told you that you must get insurance before taking possession of the unit. You don’t own the condo but are merely renting it. What type of policy should you get? Ask the agents at Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc. for advice on buying the right policy.

Condo or Renter’s Insurance?

In the simplest terms, if you rent the space where you live, renter’s insurance is what you should buy. The two types of insurance are similar, but condo insurance covers the dwelling structure, whereas renter’s insurance does not. If something happens to the dwelling structure, the condo building’s master policy covers damage, as well as a separate policy the condo owner has. Nevertheless, if you rent a condo, you are still liable for any mishaps that occur inside the unit.

Why You Still Need Renter’s Insurance

Even though the condo owner will have an insurance policy that covers the unit where you live, it may not provide coverage for your personal belongings. Renter’s insurance will compensate for your belongings if a fire, theft, or other covered incident occurs.  You may also buy a policy that pays for temporary lodgings if your unit becomes uninhabitable.  If an accident happens inside your condo and someone is injured, you may also be liable for the injuries. Renter’s insurance will protect you in such instances.

Buying renter’s insurance is easier than it sounds. The amount of insurance you need is primarily based on the worth of your personal belongings, such as clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. If you are wondering how much you need, contact Greater Tulsa Insurance Inc., serving the greater Tulsa, OK community, to get started on a renter’s insurance policy that covers your needs.

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